Environment, Health & Safety

Environment, Health & Safety

Occupational safety and environmental protection are key values in the daily activities of Pratt & Whitney. Our employees know that, equipped with top-quality personal and collective protective equipment, they have direct influence on their safety and the safety of their co-workers and that it all depends on themselves. The practices applied at the company, improving the safety of behaviour, are increasingly often carried over to their homes and families.

Industrial hygiene program allow to eliminate and reduce negative influence noise, radiation, vibration and chemical expouse. Chemical management watch how and when dangerous substance is use in process and according REACH regulation replace it more friendly to employers and environmental.

Processes where was identify high risk factors are transferred on automatic and robotic workstations, that risk is eliminated and operator is not exposed on dangerous situations.

Initiated program related to environmental clean-up:

  • the fuel station was liquidated;
  • 11 underground tanks and polluted soil were removed;
  • piezometers were installed allowing the ongoing monitoring of the potential penetration into the soil and the underground waters of the substances used in the technological processes;
  • the purity of the underground waters flowing into and out of the plant is monitored;
  • alcohol and petrol used to clean parts were replaced with biodegradable solutions;
  • cyanide and oil containers were removed and the polluted soil was sent for professional disposal.

Simultaneously with the environmental clean-up, investments were made related to improvement in safety and ergonomics in the workplace:

  • shields were installed on moving machine parts, among other things
  • implemented ergonomic solutions to eliminated manual handling;
  • a programme increasing work safety awareness was introduced, based on cardinal accident prevention rules;
  • the activities of the company were focused on sustained development, which is a response to the environmental policy of the state within the scope of protection of the natural heritage and rational use of natural resources. Its purposes are directed at:
  • protection of the environment and the landscape,
  • protection and sustained development of the forests,
  • protection of the soils,
  • protection of mineral and groundwater resources,
  • the necessity to decrease the consumption of water, materials and energy in manufacturing processes, agriculture and human existence.

All the activities of the company take into account safety and care for the environment, which is proved by the EHS Policy annually updated at Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A.