“The quality of production plays a very important role in every area of economy, but in the aviation industry, it is special. A Quality Management System must ensure that
a product meets all the requirements of the clients, as any non-conformance can become the cause of a tragedy for many people. This is why, at Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów, the care for quality is a duty of every employee of the company.

Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów maintains quality at the highest level owing to:

- competent and aware personnel,

- effective processes,

- appropriate material resources: infrastructure and equipment,

- modern methods of production and control.


Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów is currently certified as conforming to:

- AS9100 rev. D;

- PART 21J, PART 21G, PART145;


The certifications confirm that the Quality Management System of Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów – and therefore its products and services – meet the high expectations and standards of the aviation sector. This also shows that we act in accordance with the recognised international standards within the scope of quality, and confirms that we are a strong and reliable partner on the aviation market.