Gears Business Unit

Gears Business Unit

Gears Business Unit is a plant with many years of experience in the production of gears and shafts.

Our products are used in aircraft engines and aircraft gearboxes.

We specialize in the production of:

  • cylindrical gears (spur and helical)
  • bevel gears (straight and spiral)
  • turbine, compressors and propellers shafts

The plant includes two production departments with dedicated technological, quality and logistics services.

Gears Business Unit  products are used in the following aircraft engine families:

GTF_PW1000.png [933.95 KB] PW300.png [340.08 KB]
PW1000 (GTF) PW300
PT6B.png [209.57 KB] PW200.png [264.98 KB]
PT6 PW200
PW150A.png [224.53 KB] PZL-10W.png [465.94 KB]
PW100 PZL 10-W
PZL-10S.png [414.60 KB] GTD350.png [400.72 KB]
TWD-10B/ PZL-10S GTD350