Global Trade

Global Trade (export control) is part of the Legal Department. We operate in the "compliance" area. The aim of the compliance system in the organization is to ensure compliance with the law, as well as with other adopted standards of conduct, in order to, inter alia, preventing financial or reputational losses.

Business areas:

  • Concession (PL regulation)
  • Internal Control System
  • Internal security
  • Jurisdiction / classification
  • Hardware transfer, technical data transfer
  • IT tools / software (GT)
  • US authorizations
  • Polish export permits

Why American regulations in Poland?

Pratt & Whitney Rzeszów S.A. ("PWR") is owned by Raytheon Technologies Corporation ("RTX") - an American corporation that produces a wide range of products and services for aerospace and defense industries. The company is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts (United States). As a US-based company, RTX is accountable for activities of their foreign subsidiaries.

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Before the stay and stay on the premises of the company:

  • it is necessary to collect the appropriate badge at the Badge Office (Reception Desk)
  •  it is forbidden to photograph, film or sound recording
  • on the premises of the company, you can stay in permitted areas - according to the scope of the individual badge

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