Modules and Sealing Business Unit

Modules and Sealing Business Unit

The Modules and Sealing Business Unit has three manufacturing departments staffed by over 500 employees. The BU specialises in the production of housings, seals, discs, and whole gearbox module assemblies for airplane and helicopter engines and installed by Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Lockheed Martin, Agusta Westland, Bell Helicopters, and more.

The BU has production resources and technical facilities for its manufacturing processes from maching to NDT, balancing, assembly operations, and final inspections of products.

The strength of the BU is its people, who are highly qualified in their areas of expertise and maintain the great quality of the products every day. The components the BU makes are of first-class quality with optimised costs, and while very complex, its manufacturing processes are managed safely and sustainably for the environment. All these factors contribute to reliable finished products which ensure zero-failure risk operation of aircraft engines.

BU’s flagship products:

  • PT6A engine housings and gearboxes;
  • PW200 and PW600 engine housings and gearboxes;
  • APS2000/3000/5000 engine housings and gearboxes;
  • PW1000 engine housings and gearboxes;
  • NGPF and F135 engine seals;
  • Seals and discs.

BU’s latest products

FDGS (Fan Drive Geared System)

One of the latest projects at the BU is the production and assembly of the FDGS. FDGS is a gearbox assembly which makes the PW1000 engine so unique. With the FDGS installed between the engine’s huge fan and LP compressor, the various versions of the PW1000 engine are used in the Airbus A320 NEO, the A220, and the Embraer E-Jet E2, while its future applications will include the MRJ and the Irkut.

The FDGS is installed in first-class assembly areas operated under laboratory-like conditions and with the latest manual handling assistance systems, which are zero-gravity equipment.

ADT (Accessory Drive Train)

The AGBs are another component of the PW1000 series engine manufactured at our BU – from the housing to the complete gearbox assembly. The components are manufactured at the BU in the CDT (Closed Door Technology), which features an automatic machining line and the gearboxes are assembled in a highly clean environment which complies with policies for FOD (foreign object damage) and superior quality standards.

NGPF and F135 engine seals

NGPF seals are another component of the PW1000 engine which we manufacture and a critical part of the new-generation FDGS-based powerplant which demands very tight tolerances and precision of fabrication. Commercial sealing solutions aside, the BU makes defence-use seals for the F135 engine used in the latest USAF jet fighter, the F-35 Lightning II.

Our products find applications in a variety of aircraft engines, which include: 






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